Why Did You Purchase a Diesel?

By Greg Spira on 2 February 2011
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There are many good reasons for purchasing a diesel-powered automobile.  Our readers tell us these include the incredible fuel economy, the power that comes from the diesel engine’s torque, and greater reliability compared to gasoline engines.  In addition, diesel engines are known to last far longer and have a reputation for being more reliable and, as a result, diesels have commanded higher resale values.

Opting for a diesel opens up multiple new avenues and possibilities not available to buyers of gasoline and hybrid-electric vehicles.  Only by purchasing a diesel could a driver end up with a car with the torque of the previous BMW M3 that is at the same time the most fuel-efficient vehicle ever offered by BMW of North America.

What were your reasons?

Our poll ended on 21 May 2011 – you can see the results here.