Diesel Economics 201: Q3 Sales Accelerate to 33%

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In terms of volume diesel sales, Volkswagen lead with 14,413 diesels sold in Q3 and 37,803 sold in the first nine months of 2010.  BMW continued in second place with 2914 diesels sold in Q3 and 8352 sold in the first nine months.

Audi, which had the highest percentage of diesel sales in Q3 with 53%,  came in third with total diesel sales of 1775 (year-to-date sales were 4631).  Mercedes-Benz, the company that introduced the first passenger diesel car in 1936, came in fourth, with 1893 diesel sales in Q3.

The Diesel Driver expects the overall uptick in diesel sales to continue as automakers introduce new diesel models.  Mercedes-Benz recently added the E350 BlueTec sedan diesel and BMW is expected to add additional diesel models including a 5er Series diesel in the coming months.

Correction: 22 October 2010
An earlier version of this article stated that comparable model diesel sales had risen to 38%.  It also stated that 73% of BMW’s comparable model sales were for diesels.  As a result of receiving incomplete sales data from several automakers, multiple corrections were made to the spreadsheet.  Actual Q3 diesel sales were 33% industry-wide in the U.S. and BMW’s Q3 diesel sales were 29%.  The incomplete data had no material impact on other figures.


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