Inside BMW’s Vehicle Distribution Center

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There are five departments at the VDC, not including administrative and management functions:

  • Production – processes the car, performs the pre-delivery inspection, installs labels including the Monroney sticker, inspects for damage, removes shipping labels
  • Workshop – performs mechanical repairs, campaigns, software updates; installs accessories such as driving lights and power kits
  • Body Shop – performs body repair, paint, repairs of scratches and scuffs, paintless dent removal; installs body kits
  • Quality – monitors procedures, reports issues to the factory, ensures quality control throughout the facility
  • Parts – stocks and distributes replacement parts

But back to the 335d.  DSC_0927 (Large)Upon entering the VDC, the 335d was washed and driven into the processing area at the VDC.  After its bath, USA-specific supplies such as warranty information and the fuel nozzle adapter (specific to diesel-powered cars) are added.

The 335d was then thoroughly inspected for any damage; for European Delivery vehicles, this includes damage that might have occurred when the car was in use in Europe as such repairs are covered by the special European Delivery insurance program.  No damage was found but damage could have occurred during use in Europe and during transport.  For cars with body damage, the VDC’s repairs are virtually indistinguishable from the factory’s.

Various stickers, such as the accessory installation warning sticker that goes on the windshield and the roadside assistance sticker, were placed on the vehicle.DSC_0967 (Large)

The VDC is especially concerned with safety-related damage or defects such as a chipped windshield or gouges in wheels.  All defective parts are immediately disposed of to ensure that such parts do not inadvertently end up on a car in the future.

VDC personnel also check for any factory defects such as “airbag light on.”  Any campaigns (normal updates) are performed if necessary and the car’s paper trail is reviewed.

At this point, the 335d was placed on what the VDC calls the “pad,” which is where cars sit waiting to be trucked to the dealership.  Next stop: BMW of Tenafly.

Inside BMW’s Vehicle Distribution Center

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